Learn about how I create my prints

Each print is hand done using the back of a spoon and a labour intensive technique layering colours by inking up, wiping off the block, and printing over the top.

It means no two prints are the same and I do them individually.

See the my creative process flow of how I create the woodcut prints.

First I draw my design onto a block of MDF

Drawing print board

Then I carve out the design using lino cutting tools

Carving print board

I mix the inks

Mixing inks

I ink up the block with a light shade of ink

Inking block light shade of green

I draw round the block to help with registration after placing it ink side down on the paper

Drawing around block

The inked block and paper are then carefully turned over so that the paper is on top of the block. Then the design is printed by rubbing hard with the back of a spoon 

Spoon on block

I peel away the paper & the first layer is complete

Peel print

I ink up the block with the darker shade of ink

Ink block with dark green

Then I wipe away areas of the dark ink off the block with a rag

Wipe off ink

A couple of hours later the block is prepared

Print block is prepared

The block is prepared with dark green ink and is then placed on top of the light green print

Dark green print

Then I print the block again

Spoon on print

Revealing the end result

Final Print
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